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Know What Rights Are Granted with Your License

Production music and sound effects are provided to you with a non-transferable license for synchronization rights only.

You have the right to synchronize the production music and sound effects with audio and/or visual productions or applications such as:
  • film, video, DVD & TV productions
  • training, marketing and trade show presentations
  • corporate videos & educational applications
  • on hold messages & advertising
  • radio presentations or commercials
  • television programs or commercials
  • musical recordings & live performances
  • speech and audio book products
  • Web pages, streaming audio productions & multimedia presentations
  • PowerPoint & Flash productions
  • interactive programs & computer games
  • audio video & computer generated displays
  • podcasts
You may create copies of your production for distribution without significant limitations - check with the production music's publisher to see if any additional paperwork is required.

You should also check the terms of your license agreement to find out if you can also synchronize the production music or sound effects on an unlimited basis and/or make your production worldwide without restrictions.

The rights you gain are in effect for the life of your production, and they pass automatically to any end user of your production.

Please note however, that all rights not expressly granted within a production music or sound effects license are reserved.

For example, you will require a separate custom license to use production music or sound effects in an unsynchronized format in applications like these:
  • use of production music tracks as samples in software packages
  • use of production music tracks or sound effects in retail toys
  • use of production music tracks in electronic sampling equipment or program chips
  • use of production music tracks or sound effects as telephone ring tones
If you have a question about your intended use of these products, please contact the publishing company for clarification - they will be happy to help!

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