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Help Stop Piracy of Production Music and Sound Effects.
Purpose of this Web Site

The purpose of this Web site is to define copyright, provide an explanation of what constitutes piracy, and to outline the rights you gain (and do not gain) when you use a legally obtained professional quality production music or sound effects product.

Why a Production Music Publishing Company Exists

It takes a significant amount of time, effort and money for a publishing company to create production music or sound effects and produce high quality digital audio files for its customers.

Production music and sound effects products are created for use in a wide variety of applications and industries, including
  • professional broadcasting
  • feature film post-production
  • advertising and commercial production
  • game creation
  • corporate & wedding videos
  • church and non-profit presentations
  • podcasts
  • Web sites
  • and for a variety of other audio-video productions.

This is the reason publishing companies exist - and they take pride in their work.

When you lease or purchase the rights to use a production music or sound effects library, you obtain professional audio files that are:
  • guaranteed to be top quality
  • guaranteed to work in your production
  • and guaranteed to be fully and legally licensed,
so that neither you, your productions, nor your clients will ever have to worry about third party claims of legal liability now, or in the future.

These Products are Not Offered for Free

Most customers understand why these products are not offered for free, why using them according to the terms and conditions of an End User License Agreement like this one is fair, and why having a legally obtained version of their production music and sound effects is good for their business. These customers are to be respected and thanked for their efforts to keep publishing companies successful.

Piracy Takes Many Forms

Some individuals and companies commit copyright infringement by pirating (illegally copying) production music and sound effects libraries.

They may copy someone else's legally acquired files and use them without paying for them, and sometimes they share those illegally obtained files with others. Some people sell pirated material for their own monetary gain.

It doesn't matter which of these actions are taken - they are all forms of theft - and they are all illegal.

Be Aware of the Risks Associated with Using Pirated Products

Be aware that if you use pirated production music or sound effects and are discovered to have done so, you will be held liable. A claim will be made against the producers and production companies that benefitted from your pirated content.

The use of stolen material for production of movies, television broadcasts, software and all forms of originally created work is unacceptable.

You should also know that modifying a published music or sound effects track does not make the content yours. The modified file is a derivative work, created from a copyrighted source, and it is still legally owned by the original publisher.

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